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Share Jane, A collection of quilts inspired by Jane A. Stickle (English)
A5 boek met ringband, 55 pagina's
Presented by  Jeltje van Essen (The Netherlands) and Kim Caskey (Canada), also starring Caroline Dijkerman.

page 2: We are very pleased to present a special collection of quilts inspired by the original, made by Jane A. Stickle in 1863. This collection also features the very special global, collaborative Share Jane quilts. 
The Share Jane group quilts bring together a number of quilters from all over the world in this prestigious exhibit. More than 50 quilts and pieces inspired by the original quilt, “In War Time”, will also be exhibited and are described here.
With heartfelt thanks to all those involved. We hope you will enjoy our Share Jane exhibit and catalogue.

page 8: Introduction The “Dear Jane” quilt is a quilt that inspires many quilters all over the world. What were you thinking Jane, when you were making this quilt? How was your life in the 1800s? In this article I will take you to the world of Jane A. Stickle.

To save costs it is also possible to order the book now and collect it in Sainte Marie aux Mines in The Theatre.
Fiyat A5 book with wire, 55 pages:
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Fiyat A5 book with wire, 55 pages (KDV dahil.)

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