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In this category you will find all you need for Anton Pieck colouring and embroidery.

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This collection is based on pictures from Dutch artist Anton Pieck's book: The Good Old Days. We have created the following embroidery patterns to stitch and make into a quilt, or you can do select scenes as pillows etc.

Month 1 Pieck on the Bike
Month 2 Spring, tulips and Hurdy Gurdy
Month 3 Sledge
Month 4 Stage-coach
Month 5 Pieck on the Roof
Month 6 The Blacksmith
Month 7 - The Stove maand 7
Month 8 - Utrecht Canal
Month 9 - Windmill
Month 10 - Toy shop

The last piece is the largest in the collection (but also month 2 and month 6 are bigger then the rest). Month 10 will include the pattern from the quilt made with these pictures. The finished size is apr.  60 x 80 inch.


Affichage :

Sakura Blossom Bla.. Numéro d'article: MO1376X
€ 0,12
Ahoy Seagulls Numéro d'article: MO1469/B9
€ 0,12
Ahoy Anchors Blue Numéro d'article: MO1470/B
€ 0,12
Ahoy Anchors Red Numéro d'article: MO1470/R
€ 0,12
Ahoy Stripe Blue Numéro d'article: MO1471/B
€ 0,12
Ahoy Stripe Red Numéro d'article: MO1471/R
€ 0,12
Ahoy Bunting Numéro d'article: MO1472/1
€ 0,12
Linen Texture Tomato Numéro d'article: MO1473/N8
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Linen Texture Teal Numéro d'article: MO1473/T8
€ 0,18
Ahoy Small YTS Blue Numéro d'article: MO1474/B
€ 0,12
Linea Pumpkin Numéro d'article: MO1525/N5
€ 0,12
Botanica Exotic Fl.. Numéro d'article: MO1862/B
€ 0,12

Pickwickiaans embroidery is designed for embroiderers and quilters who like romantic simplicity and are a little crazy. The embroidery is based on drawings by Anton Pieck, kind and naive, characterized by simplicity and generosity; Pickwickiaans (strange, not normal - named character from a book by Charles Dickens' The Pickwick Papers "in 1836).

Anton Pieck embroideries are just too fun to stop. Each month a few new stitches are added. We start with a very simple stem stitch and back stitch.

The pencils used are all in the box of 24 watercolor pencils, available at
Quiltshop 100 roses in Deventer and

Anton Pieck in Spanish

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