The Sampler quilt or Jane A. Stickle Quilt has become a special joint project of Quiltshop 100 Rozen. After the Dear Kaffe Quilt, made with the cooperation of 85 people in 2012, we continued in 2015 with Dear Roses. Now, we are working on the Share Jane, involving more than 200 quilters. Alongside quilters in Europe there are quilters from Australia, USA and Canada who contribute. The upper half of the quilt is made in Europe and the other half mainly in North America. See  to see more of the project.


Share Jane, A coll..
Collectors item Share Jane, A collection of quilts inspired by..
€ 8,00
per A5 boek met ringband, 55 pagina's
Pattern for Mini D.. Item no.: PATRMiniDR
How and where do you start if you want to make a Dear Jane? Wan..
€ 6,00
per workshop excl. materiaal
Dear Jane Colour p.. Item no.: KleurSchemaPlaK
The source of the Dear Kaffe, the Dear Roses and Share Jane qui..
€ 12,00
per set
Dear Jane Square a.. Item no.: 8823760A
€ 19,90
per item

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