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In the center of Melay, Haute-Marne is a covered laundry room, a Lavoir in French.

Our home in Melay overlooks this washhouse. And from 2 Rue de Lavoir, the Quilt Retreat is organized.
There will be quite a bit of work in the coming time and the plan is to welcome you there   in the large salon, the kitchen, the garden and the conservatory.

The fabrics, notions and yarns are on the first floor. So there is still quite a bit to browse in the quilting area during the quilt week.
The Quilt Retreat in 2023 is from Thursday September 14 to Saturday September 23.
The price for the retreat, including 8 nights in our house, is EUR 760.

The program is as follows:
Thursday 14 September

The plan is to meet in Sainte Marie on Thursday between 1 and 3 pm and see about 3 exhibitions.
And then eat in the evening in the B&B near Sainte Marie aux Mînes.
There is a B&B reservation from Thu 14 to Friday 15 September.
Do you want to share a room or your own room this night?

Friday September 15

On Fridays there is also room to view exhibitions and see the stalls.
On Friday we leave for Melay around 3 pm. That is a 2.5 hour drive from Sainte Marie aux Mînes.
You each get your own room in my house. The showers are in the hallway and are used by max. 2 people.
In the evening, dinner is at Le Voilà, the restaurant 40 meters from my home in Melay.

Saturday September 16
Let's stay in Melay and eat at my house.
A day of rest and work on your own project.

Sunday 17 September
Show and Tell about the Dear Jane projects and explanation about working with a long arm.
Lunch at my house
You can also practice with the long arm if there is interest.
We choose to cook together or go out to dinner.

Monday 18 September
Work on your own project in the morning.
Lunch at my house
In the afternoon to the cave with wine tasting and/or a visit to the thrift store in Dammartin.
Tony will cook you a dish with, among other things, mushrooms.

Tuesday September 19
Workshop Color and Guts for enthusiasts.
Lunch at my house
Then you make a bag from the end result.
We choose to cook together or go out to dinner.

Wednesday 20 September
Working on your own project.
Lunch at my house
for lovers a walk in the area.
Tony cooks for you

Thursday 21 September

Coloring and embroidery workshop for enthusiasts.
Lunch at Le Voila
Visit to the spring park in Martigny les Bains.
We choose to cook together or go out to dinner.

Friday September 22

Work on your own project or continue with the work from the workshops.
Lunch at my house
Afternoon Show and Tell of what was made during the week.
In the evening Farewell Dinner at Le Voilà.

Saturday September 23
is the day of departure and for me the cleaning day.

The costs for 10 days are as follows:

Nine nights EUR 480, surcharge for own room on Thursday 14 September EUR 40.
Catering EUR 280, including food and drink and the three scheduled meals at Le Voilà.

Optional workshops - To be paid on site:
Material costs a EUR 10 for Color and Lef
and/or EUR 15 for Coloring and Embroidery.

Your registration is final after transferring a deposit of EUR 380, which is 50% of the total amount.

I will send a payment request for this after registration. The second payment request will then follow in May 2023.
My advice is to take out cancellation insurance.

Yours faithfully,

Jeltje van Essen

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